The Browser Space Strategy Game


Atmoburn is an online space strategy game and management simulation.
It is a browser game currently under development.


Atmoburn registrations are open for those interested in the games progress. Do not expect anything playable!

The games features include:

  • A realistic 3D game universe with a galaxy much like our own.
  • Market based trading model just like the real world, with AI corporations competing with the players.
  • An advanced colony economy model allowing the player to beat complexity with common sense.
  • Multi tiered resources and materials offering several construction strategies for the same technology.
  • A completely open technology system assuring that there will always be something better than the best thing.
  • Technology sharing on a per blueprint basis.
  • Player designed vessels - combine your technology into powerful warships.
  • A detailed combat model matching all ships against each other with ample tactical options to turn the odds.