The free, real time space strategy game

Atmoburn is a free, browser based, massively multiplayer, real time space strategy game.

Built around a fully modelled universe with hundreds of thousands of systems and their associated planets, players can build thriving space empires. Join a faction to work with others to further your factions goals, or just fly solo with your own purpose.

A completely open research system allows incredible customisation and personalisation of your ships and fleet compositions. Test your brains and brawn against the best the universe has to offer.


A Player Colony Spread your empire throughout the universe, seeding untold planets with your citizens. With every planet being different, every colony becomes a different challenge to the one before.

Do you want to build a scientific outpost? a military base? or just pump your apartment blocks to the rafters with as many people as possible?


Our interface is fully responsive, resizing to fit whatever device you want to use. Portrait, landscape, phone, tablet or a large widescreen monitor, everything resizes to fit your situation.

Atmoburn is fully supported by the community, using WF Coins as a way to let players spend real money to get coins in game that allow them to name planets, systems and more. Atmoburn is not pay-to-win and no in-game advantages are provided using WF Coins.

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Fleet Management Using the extensive and fully player controlled research system you can continuously improve your ship technology.

Build a fleet using the myriad of ship classifications, coordinate with your team mates to launch an extended military campaign and watch your enemies crumble.

All ships are player designed and fully customisable, from the engine it uses to the guns it carries.



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This faction currently has 25 rulers. Arvicolinae

With humanity diminished and weakened by centuries of warfare, very few survivors of the old factions even remembered what they were fighting for. It was red vs yellow vs blue, because in the end, that is all children were taught: Kill or be killed.

They had almost regressed to sticks and stones, without direction or leadership, when news of a peaceful planet started to spread, where at first only a few had come together under a common banner. Almost everyone was tired of the old ways, so people soon started to flock to it, and the Arvicolinae became the only organized human society in this part of the universe, with all the benefits and problems this entails. Their greatest enemy is human nature, time will tell if it can adapt.


This faction currently has 6 rulers. Vagabonds

More of a description than a name, Vagabonds are individual groups who disagree with the Arvicolinae society for one reason or another. While some maintain close ties with them, if for nothing else than to ensure their own survival, others have sworn to bring chaos to what they perceive as an unnatural new order.

Unorganized and not equipped for long interstellar travel, Vagabonds settled on habitable planets around the Arvicolinae home system. Many unite in empires to further common goals.

Not recommended for new players.

The Lost

This faction currently has 16 rulers. The Lost

Without ties that bind or obligations to anyone, every Lost civilization is unique and independent from the rest of the universe. Finding no common ground with the other factions, the Lost have decided to eke out an existence cut off from the major ruling powers, and have to deal with the hardships of a sometimes harsh and unforgiving universe by themselves.

Often occupied more with survival than ideals, the Lost will always have a hard uphill battle ahead of them. They live in the buffer galaxies, far away from any other civilization, and without a faction homeworld, lacking the advantages of an organized group.

Not recommended for new players.

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A Game World Atmoburn uses a custom built universe generator, generating hundreds of thousands of star systems with multiple galaxies. The generator fills these systems with unique planets, differing in size, landmass, atmosphere, gravity and the resources each planet contains.

The universe is fully 3D and navigable using our proprietary 3D javasript engine.