About the Game

Atmoburn former Warring Factions, is a classic browser game, created during the genre's heydays in 2004. At the time, its original creator was playing other browser games, but soon felt them too simplistic and decided to build a game more after his own taste. Atmoburn focuses on complexity and realism, providing an experience where common sense is needed and number crunching can only get you so far.

During now almost two decades in operation, it has been maintained and expanded by many community volunteers and remains unique to this day. In 2022 the game received a much needed modernization, and was revamped based on the many lessons learned over the years.

It's as much a community as it is a game, with the prelude to many conflicts happening on the forums, and the story of major battles being told there. There are great tales of past heroics and betrayals, forever part of the Atmoburn universe. The game is very much shaped by its players.
Past Contributors
Game Design: Crabrock, Thunderstorm
Development: Ligthert, Apollo, Jadestorm, Lord Asriel, Kris Borer, Karnejj, Apache1990, Duncecap
Artwork: Hat Truck, Muffdiver, Crabrock, Duncecap, Midjourney Bot
Documentation: Demerzel, Dr. Strangelove, ibfearless, Aegis
The Name: Skylancer
Admins and Editors: AreYouIn, Carl Sagan, Miren Tal, Shazbot, Dragon, Commander Destroyer, Spitfire, Tuson, lynx4567, Yknottry, Shadow and many more!