Since Atmoburn is a massively multiplayer game, we need some rules to keep it fair for everyone.
Multiple Accounts
One person, one account, no sharing. Having more than one account makes spying and quackstabbing far too easy with little personal responsibility. Also, WF is as much a community as it is a game, multiple personalities are unhealthy. You must maintain a valid e-mail address on your account.
Your Content and Your Strange Humor
The things you name, images you upload, and the forum posts you create must not be overly offensive. This isn't a carebear game and we're not censors, but we draw the line at racism, shock humor or similar things. Excessive swearing and grotesque imagery should be kept to a minimum.
If you cross the line, we'll edit your content. If you repeatedly cross the line and we get the impression you're not making an effort, we'll "edit" your account.
Bugs and Exploits
If you find a bug, we kindly ask you to report it. If you exploit a bug, we kindly ask you to leave.
Scripts and External Software
We appreciate the effort people put into creating software to improve the game. To keep it fair, we ask that you follow a couple of rules.
  • The software must be public, so everyone can enjoy its benefits.
  • It must use the game's API, not query data programmatically from the game's interface or supporting scripts. It may modify the UI when loaded by the player.
  • It must not do anything you couldn't do with the regular game interface.
  • It may not automate tasks which increase score, credits or any other direct benefit. E.g. an exploration script is not allowed.